Turns out you can develop quite a personal relationship with the handlebar grips you install on your motorcycle. They serve as the initial contact point with your bike and are crucial to its control; there isn’t a time when your hands aren’t wrapped around them during a ride of any length. They should be comfortable, they should provide a solid grip, and it doesn’t hurt if they’re easy on the eyes either. If the grips currently on your bike fall short in any of these categories, well, throw them in the garbage can—now!

Today’s marketplace is filled with a seemingly endless variety of grips, each of which feature unique qualities to help provide you with a better overall riding experience. We’ve done a little digging, and the following sets of grips are just a small sampling of what we’d instantly include on any Sporty project.

These grips are manufactured from solid brass with a natural antique finish that will develop their own natural, individual patina over time. Even though they will age the longer they are exposed to the elements, they won’t become thrashed overnight or anything like that thanks to H-D’s factory wax treatment. Get a grip with a little extra personality.

The knurled styling of the grip area not only provides awesome control, but it’s also easy on the palms for a comfortable ride every time.

Available in cable or fly-by-wire applications, each grip set includes installed throttle sleeves and grip glue for simple installation. Matching footpegs and shift peg are also available for a uniform look.

A special interior core bar creates air pockets within the grip body that help damp vibrations and eliminate any numbness or tingling in the hands that can become a problem on extended rides.

The soft, serrated texture of the grip surface provides a steady contact point for no-slip confidence. These particular grips feature Avon’s throttle assist feature that allows you to relax your grip on the bars while riding. And to top it all off, the Air Cushion grips are finished off with billet aluminum end caps and collars, which earn these units major style points as well.

The last thing you need is a grip that doesn’t help alleviate hand discomfort, and the ISO-Grips won’t let you down in that regard. An added bonus with these grips is that they look badass from the jump—so they’re a total score.

The knurled surface makes for excellent gripping when out on the road. You can increase control and the overall dapper demeanor of your motorcycle with a set of these “knurly” accessories.


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