Maybe you’ve put off buying a new set of tires over the winter. It happens. With prime riding season quickly approaching, the time to finally upgrade is now! Make the move to better-performing, better-looking, and longer-lasting rubber so you can really enjoy the long rides you’ll soon be planning for the rest of the year.

Maybe you live in a wet climate and have been cautious about trying certain tires for local road conditions. Well, have no fear, as we have put together a collection of rubber that not only have that attractive, modern look but also come in the sizes you want and are designed to perform just as well in the rain as on a bright, sunny day. Get everything you demand in a tire (and then some) in a single package.

Shinko’s 777 H.D. tires for front and rear applications were specifically designed for cruiser model motorcycles, featuring higher load ratings and a newly reinforced heavy-duty carcass to handle more abuse on the road.

The 777’s compound was developed for more mileage and thrives in both dry and wet riding conditions. The tread pattern featured on the 777 H.D. pushes water out without inviting any unwanted fluid in. These tires are available in whitewall or black options to better fit the flow of your bike’s style. Shop around for your size today.

Vee Rubber’s VRM 302 Monster tire lineup is full of popular sizes and applications that revolve around heavyweight custom cruisers and large touring baggers alike. The VRM 302 Monster tires are designed to fit both O.E. and custom wheels to better work with your motorcycle’s individual requirements.

Aside from the fact that it’s easy to find in many motorcycle tire retailers, Vee’s VRM 302 Monster 360 is the widest available rear, and the Monster 32-incher is the tallest front tire featured in Vee’s inventory. The entire Monster line boasts an outstanding load rating and casing stiffness for unbeatable two-up handling, as well as a tread pattern that is ideal for all-season riding.

Looking for an attractive, H-rated tire that delivers optimal riding performance in wet weather? Well, look no further than the Night Dragon.

Pirelli has designed the Night Dragon tire to be a premium chunk of rubber that delivers unbelievable grip performance to meet the harsh suspension demands of today’s V-twin rider. The new shape and larger dimension of this tire’s contact patch provides ideal pressure distribution for noticeable riding comfort. Front treads cut a determined path through water, while the rear cavorted grooves expel residual fluid for a controlled grip on wet roads.

This rear motorcycle tire is a high-mileage, high-performance unit designed with touring bikes in mind. It features a steel radial belt and is constructed with a single ply of steel cords wrapped around a radial tire carcass. It is this unique design element that allows Metzeler’s ME888 tire to deliver the high-speed stability it has been widely praised for.

The steel belt design also allows for better distribution of heat, and the redesigned tread patterns provide better water drainage and increased performance in all weather conditions. A whitewall option is also available.

Dunlop’s American Elite tire features the unique Dunlop MT (Multi-Tread) compound to improve handling and extend tread life for the long haul ahead. The American Elite is also proudly designed, tested, and manufactured in the US for a sense of pride that just can’t be beat. If you need the proof, just check out the sidewall design which features the Made-In-USA logo, along with the “American Elite” name and MT logo emblazoned in rubber.


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