If living loud is your thing, then you’ll certainly appreciate quality audio gear that’s been specifically tailored to fit your Harley-Davidson bagger. Most of these products can be installed with little to no headaches thanks to direct drop-in fitment and plug-and-play connections into existing wiring harnesses. Upgrading your bike’s audio signals has never been easier or more exciting.

Whether you’re looking to simply swap out the factory speakers, introduce an amp into the mix, or orchestrate a whole new audio system, there are quality goods out there to make it all happen. Follow along and see just how you can turn up the volume before the riding season officially kicks off into full gear. Play it loud.

Aside from trying to be the loudest, try focusing on being the smartest when it comes to finding the latest in audio gear. Boom! Audio’s 6.5GT infotainment system is a perfect upgrade for Harley-Davidson Touring models, as it is equipped with AM/FM radio, weather alerts, integrated iPod and USB device playback, as well as being Bluetooth-ready. Pairing your mobile phone has never been easier.

The 6.5GT has a 25-watt/channel amp built right in, and pumps out 25-percent louder audio volumes than previous OE radio units. This radio also features automatic volume control to adjust for road/wind noise, the 6.5-inch touchscreen display is glove-friendly, and it can also function with quick joystick hand controls or hands-free voice recognition.

Ditch those lousy factory speakers in your bike’s fairing and check out the direct drop-in performance replacements from Hogtunes. The kit comes with a fresh pair of 5-1/4-inch speakers, a 32-watt x 2 amp with MaxxBass, all the mounting adapters, and a plug-and-play wiring harness needed to turn the volume up on your bike’s existing audio setup.

The radio will still power all existing speakers and the supplied amp in this kit runs the new lower fairing speakers, which will deliver louder, clearer audio output that will do justice to your cruising soundtrack of choice.

This package right here definitely isn’t for the rider who is on the fence debating if a loud stereo system is right for them. The kit from Wild Boar is for the riders who demand booming bass and the piercingly clear audio signals that go along with it.

The Wild Boar kit comes complete with a 600-watt amp that has been specifically designed to thrive off a small factory charging system, and is made to work best with the factory H-D radio. The 200-watt front speakers install seamlessly into the fairing and 300-watt 6 x 9-inch separates pop right into the supplied Hogtunes bag lids, which are shipped primed and ready to paint. If a louder sound system is what you’re after, this package will definitely deliver.

Don’t worry about fitment; these speakers and grilles were designed to be exact drop-in replacements for the stock Harley-Davidson fairings as installed on the ’14–’16 Street Glide, Ultra or Ultra Limited.

The XXR speakers feature all the bells and whistles you’d expect from an industry-leading package, such as top-of-the-line materials and plug-and-play wiring, making them almost a joy to install. J&M Rokker stands behind its sentiment that these are the most powerful speakers you can buy for your H-D to perform at optimal levels, when paired with a medium- to high-powered accessory amplifier.

Sometimes the easiest route to bumping up your sound system is installing the right amplifier. This four-channel unit from Biketronics will provide 180 watts per channel while still helping to protect the bike’s charging system with StatorGuard technology. Coming in at measurements of 5 x 7 x 1.8 inches, the Titan amp can also be stashed away with ease.

If you’re still running factory speakers, this amp will help extract the maximum performance out of them. But for a real party, this amp will be sure to impress with a fresh set of aftermarket speakers that were truly made to kick out the jams.


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