There’s a lot going on in this cool custom bagger by Cory Ness. Viewed dead-on from either side, it takes a sec to realize its Y2K rubber-mount chassis houses two 2006 V-twins, displacing a whopping 24ci. We’ve seen double-motor mayhem from the Ness clan before, going all the way back to the 1970s when Cory was just a wee lad running around Arlen’s garage trying to “help dad” build bikes. This one’s a pretty far cry from those creations though, or even some of Arlen’s later takes on the dual-mill concept.

First off, those bikes of yore were choppers or dragbikes, and not baggers. This one is definitely long and low though, which is a trait the bike shares with some of its other Ness double-engine brethren.

What also distinguishes the bagger is the powerplant arrangement. Cory went side by side with the two powerplants instead of an inline, front-to-back arrangement. The task of building those two V-twins and making them one cohesive unit fell to Wayne Peregrine. They’re a blend of his own handiwork and S&S parts, with a Ness airbox and, of course, a handmade exhaust system. You can’t buy crazy pipes like these straight off the rack!


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