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Road Race – ASBK Superbikes

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Points Awarded at Round 3 – Tailem Bend

Following the outcome of the third round of the Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK), held at The Bend Motorsport Park, April 22, Motorcycling Australia has requested a review of proceedings, specifically in relation to race three of the Australian Superbike Class.

In relation to the red flag and subsequent declaration of Race 3, following the completion of 2/3rds race distance by the race leader, the correct decision, as outlined in the Manual of Motorcycle Sports (MoMS b), was made by the Clerk of the Course. However, following further investigation, Motorcycling Australia has deemed the decision to award full points rather than half points was incorrect, as per the (MoMS b, xi). Based on these finding the points have been amended and the overall standing for the weekend adjusted.

Points will be updated accordingly on within the next 48 hours. This amendment does not affect the podium order for Round 3.

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