New site is still very much a work in progress although you are most welcome to join and use it.
In fact.. I would love it if you did!! I need people to tell me whats broken, what needs improvement and what extra features you want to see.
You can register / login using Facebook so it’s nice and easy.
For old skool OSB.. you can add your nickname / display name to reflect your old OSB name (If you wish to 😉 )

I have also added all the most popular news feeds to the site.
You can access these from the top menu under News Articles. Still a little trial and error (I was getting duplicate posts of the same news item) but I think I have a grasp of it now lol. Is there any feeds you want to see that I haven’t added? Let me know 😉
Also, for your convenience.. the news feeds (Including this very post) will automatically be shared to the Ozsportsbikes Facebook Page. These will NOT be displayed in the Facebook group simply so we can keep the FB Group clean and easy to find other topics.

Profile Pages and other extras are being done now and will more than likely change as I get feedback about them.



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