“I didn’t have any launch control on my bike, and I think that was maybe why we got such a good start,” Herrin said. “I don’t know. All the other guys seemed to be just sitting there, and just, somehow, launched off pretty good. I was in fifth or sixth going into turn one and it kind of felt like, after the warm-up lap, I could go a lot quicker than what they were doing, so I just starting charging. I think I was in first (place) by, like, turn four or five. I just felt super-comfortable. I told the guys to put the bike as soft as they could because it seems like that was the only way that I could ride the bike in the rain. All last year, we had pretty bad luck in the rain – I was like seventh or eighth place in the rain – so they set it up as soft as they could and it seemed to work out. The bike was moving around a lot, but I felt comfortable on it. Once I heard Cameron (Beaubier) behind me, I knew that he was going to go a little bit quicker. He caught up, and I was thinking, ‘Just kind of ride protective.’ He got around me and, as soon as I saw how quick he was going, I just kind of gave up after trying for half a lap. When he had a little lowside, I had a chance to win this thing, but I knew Scholtz was coming. I could see, in turn one, they were showing him on the camera, and I figured if they were showing him on the camera, he’s gotta be doing some fast times, and I know how fast he is in the wet. He’s always a couple of seconds quicker in the wet because he’s a crazy bastard. I was just trying to have fun, and I all I could think of, the whole race, was how hard the guys have been working to get this bike ready and how much it would mean to them if we could just get on the podium. I was pushing as hard as I could, but trying to be smart at the same time. It feels really good to bring the Attack boys a podium in the first race on the bike. I’m a little nervous about the dry (track) tomorrow. Hopefully, we can get this thing working, and have a result.”


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