Their records are very similar. Marquez won those 38 grands prix in 95 races, all riding the factory Honda. Stoner achieved a similar number in 115 races, 23 on the Ducati and 15 in his two years on the factory Honda. Stoner grabbed two more podiums than the current MotoGP™ World Champion with 69 appearances on the stage, but it will probably not surprise you that there is a big difference in one department – the crashes. Stoner had his moments in that memorable seven-year MotoGP™ career and crashed 61 times. Marquez is five races into his sixth year in MotoGP™ and has crashed 89 times. Crashing in his case is actually when you lose complete contact with the bike, and not when you keep the bike upright with your knee, elbow or any other part of your body.


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